Literary Devices In Edgar Allen Poe's Works

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A literary device is something many different authors use in their writing to help gather the readers attention. These devices help the reader get their point across is a bigger way than just simply saying something like the black bird. Edgar Allen Poe used different types of literary devices to help make his stories more dark and dreary. From early on in his writings the term that stuck out to me the most was the symbolism he carries on throughout his works. When reading his poems and just picking out the symbolism you really get a clear sense on how everything is working in the story. The endings of his works are always a surprise and can have very different meanings to different people depending on how they interpreted it. An example where Poe uses symbolism is in his short story The Masque of The Red Death the first symbol gather from this story is the character himself, Prince Prospero. From Poe saying Prince you…show more content…
The narrator refuses to let the creepiness of the eye go, he is haunted by the image of the eye. He became so obsessed with the eye, that eventually this was the only thing he could see when he saw the old man, he could no longer look the man in the face the only thing he looked at was the eye. He describe the eye as evil and compares it to a vulture. These word symbolize the narrator in the end, he kills the old man and dismembers his body and then hides him under the floor boards of the bedroom. The narrator spent eight nights “circling his pray “ by cracking open the door to just the eye starring back at him before his killed the old man just as a vulture would do to its prey. The biggest mention of symbolism in this story is the “beating” of the dead mans heart. The moment when the narrator finally feels the guilt for what he has done to the innocent old man. The beating of the heart is the narrators guilty
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