Literary Devices In Gilgamesh Research Paper

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Literary devices are used to bridge the gaps and fill in the cracks for me where simple words do not suffice in some stories. I find myself constantly searching stories for and identifying different types of literary devices. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, three uses of literary devices were demonstrated and used consistently. These literary devices are: repetition, imagery and flashbacks. This literary narrative is centered on an epic journey that utilizes literary devices to enhance the complexity and understanding in the story. Flashbacks are a great story telling device mostly used in narratives, such as the epic. It's almost a hand and glove fit in this story while adding depth to the story and a more intricate background. Flashbacks also draw the reader in and make story more interesting, and provide a better overall understanding of what's taking place as it takes you back in time. In “Gilgamesh” the example of a flashback that is used is the Story of the Flood. This flashback provided the reader the ability to go back in time to get portions of the plot explained and get more engulfed into the…show more content…
Imagery can be so beautiful and vivid, it really engulfs you into the reading. It holds significance because we as humans like for things to be drawn out for us or painted out. Creating a narrative that's easy to understand, of course no one wants a story that's filled with misconception. Imagery provides a deeper connection with the deeper and takes the reader back to a time or a place just like repetition. In “The Epic of Gilgamesh” the Imagery of the Forest is very important. Our two heroes, Gilgamesh and Enkidu must pass through this intimidating and dangerous forest to validate their heroism and slay the monster Humbaba. This imagery could represent several different things. Often forest imagery is used to represent danger. In this case it probably represents the heroes’ dangerous rite of
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