Literary Devices In I Have A Dream Speech

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” was once spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most distinguished individuals on Earth. Known for his peaceful protests throughout the country of India, a great number of people have been inspired by him, such as Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, and even Martin Luther King Jr. The Civil Rights Movement leader took the wise man’s words to heart and delivered a life changing speech called “I Have A Dream” during a time of alienation between the people of America. In his speech, King turns back the clock to the time of slavery, reliving the brutality African Americans faced, then winds it back up again to the present where segregation has taken hold, and finally speeds up the hands to the future where he shares his dream to be of one. Throughout his declaration for freedom and equality, King uses empowering literary devices and urges the human race to take action before racism consumes all thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In essence, Martin Luther King Jr.’s central idea in his “I Have A Dream” speech is we all need to work together as one to accomplish the goal of equality between all people for upcoming generations. First and foremost, King heats up his central idea in his speech by addressing the need to work together as one, both blacks and whites. Midway through his speech, King states, “They have come to realize that their…show more content…
After having dove down to the depths of this valid argument, there is but one thing left for you to do. Next time you hear this legendary speech, spoken by the king of the Civil Rights Movement, be sure to truly understand the hidden meaning behind his words that lead to the central idea. You may just find yourself uncovering new ideas about the message King was really trying to
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