Julius Caesar Elements Of Speech Essay

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Word: a single distinct meaningful element of speech. In William Shakespeare’s, Julius Caesar, words are being utilized to show two different people’s reasonings behind the death of their dear friend in the form of funeral speeches. Julius Caesar, future king of Rome, was killed by Brutus and the conspirators and the citizens are upset. Brutus feels he did no wrong and that Caesar was ambitious, therefore he must die. Anthony on the other hand does not agree; he believe that Caesar was not ambitious. Through the uses of rhetorical and literal devices, Brutus and Anthony deliver contrasting tones of proud persuasion and manipulative to convince the citizens of Rome. Using rhetorical and literary devices like antithesis, parallism, and hyperbole,…show more content…
Repetition is seen throughout Anthony’s speech. He keeps saying that “Brutus is an honorable man”(Shakespeare 47). after his statements. This creates verbal irony that shows Antony’s true feelings towards Brutus. The tone of manipulation is shown well here. Although being honorable is seen as benevolent Anthony sarcastically saying this gives it a different connotation. By repeating “Brutus is an honorable man” (Shakespeare 47). the crowd can see he means the opposite. Anthony does this to tell the crowd that Brutus is in fact not honorable; he does this in a sly way, because he is not allowed to talk bad on Brutus or the conspirators names. Another device Anthony utilizes to express his tone of manipulation is personification. Sorrowfully Anthony tells the crowd that he will “show [them] Caesar’s wounds, poor dumb mouths, and bid them to speak for [him]”(Shakespeare 47). This strengthens his tone of manipulation, because not only bringing up Caesar’s wounds cause emotion in the crowd, but also delivers the message of rebellion. It is important because this is how Anthony says to stand up for Caesar. Anthony is comparing Caesar’s wounds to dumb mouths, because the wounds killed Caesar in other words silenced him and dumb mouths do not
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