Literary Devices In Medea

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In the play Medea, Euridepes uses many theatrical devices such as foreshadowing, imagery, the chorus and Medea ' 's dual roles of masculine and feminine within her to enhance the play and reveal Medea ' 's character. Many examples of the following can be seen throughout the book. The use of the literary technique of foreshadowing, is introduced to us in the play right from the beginning. The following technique enables us the readers to know the events that may possibly occur in the future and gives us subtle hints. In addition this also, illustrates the theme of betrayal in the play. At the beginning of the play, the nurse gives a monologue of how she wishes that Medea and Jason never crossed paths and how hurt and betrayed Medea is feeling. Through this monologue the nurse foreshadows many events that may occur in the future. “I am afraid that she may think of some dreadful thing. For her heart is violent”. This saying shows that the nurse is afraid that she will hurt someone as she is convulsive and that later in the play something dreadful will occur. “ She’s a dangerous woman. It won’t be easy for any man who picks a fight with her to think she’s beaten her and he’s triumphed.” This means that Medea is hostile to the idea of men dominating over her, in other words she is a very powerful, independent female. It gives us a hint that later in the play the powerful, independent character of Medea will appear. This powerful independence is tied with the idea of her
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