Literary Devices In Once More To The Lake

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Once More to the Lake by E.B White, is Whites personal memories from going to the lake as a child. He reminisces about his childhood memories with his father, as he now is a father and is taking his own child to his once beloved lake. The authors use of literary devices and going back and forth between past and present, helps with the main conflict of the story, which is a battel of man versus himself.
White uses alot of diction and imagery and its very clear how he uses it. In the story he talks about how strange it is that you can remember a lot whenever you allow your mind to go back to that state. He then goes on to talk about the lake and how it was cool and motionless. This happens all the time in my life, when I was younger my grandparents would take me to Lake Michigan everytime we went to see them. I am able to think about all the sandcastles we would build and the pretty sunset we would see as the day was winding down. It brought back lots of memories visiting them and being able to spend that time with them. If I’m not able to go back and think about that then all those memories would be lost. The way White uses diction allows us to really feel what he’s feeling and going through.
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This shows that whenever you go back to a spot you vacationed at when you were little you can remember so much more about that trip whenever you’re just sitting there thinking. It’s weird how your mind does that to you. He said it was a very strange feeling because he started to think back on when he was the kid and hid dad would take him. He also began to realize how such a short time can change different things. It’s crazy how one thing can start to make you think of other things. The lake symbolizes his youth and his most careless period of his
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