Literary Devices In Sirn Song By Margaret Atwood

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Literary devices are very crucial techniques to an author’s writings because it allows the author to get their message across to the reader in a very powerful way. Some examples of literary devices that allow the author to convey their message in a powerful way to the audience are imagery, tone, and anaphora just to name a few. In Margaret Atwood’s poem “Siren Song,” these literary devices are what make up the foundation of this writing and really allows her poem to almost seem as if it were happening in real life. This poem is about the Sirens from Greek Mythology and how their song would cause sailors to go mad and jump overboard where they would never be seen again. Atwood does a fantastic job at using these literary devices to allow the reader to not only be able to comprehend the poem, but to make them feel as if they are in the poem itself. Some examples of literary devices that Atwood uses to have this effect on readers are imagery, anaphora, diction, tone, figurative language and irony, and these barely scratch the surface of how many literary devices are used in the poem. All of these literary devices are what makes Atwood’s poem as good as it seems. Imagery is one of the major literary devices used throughout this poem because of its drastic effect it can have on the reader. If used correctly, imagery can really help the reader imagine the situation taking place in the story and see it in through their own eyes as if they were one of the characters in the poem.
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