Literary Devices In Soldier's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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“Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway is a story about Krebs, a soldier returning home after World War One. Upon returning and interacting with the people of his hometown, he begins to realize that the values he once had changed drastically, and feels somewhat disconnected from his community. The changes, however, are deeply hidden within the text through Hemingway’s use of literary devices. In order to discuss if a change has occurred in Krebs values all implied values from the text should be defined. Krebs hometown values being employed, or having ambition and a goal. Courtship or the idea of settling down with a girl, and devout faith. The values of his hometown are an hostile contrast with his values while at war. Krebs values while at war appear to be victory, which increases his chance of coming home alive. Continuing to live through battles, and women to alleviate the stresses of the war. Because of Krebs changes in values after the war the values of his hometown are the antagonist of the story. The lack of definition for certain passages and use of words within the story cause the implicit meaning of it to appear ambiguous. “Soldier’s Home” appears to be a tale about Krebs and his life after returning home from the war, but the symbolism of Krebs family, the ambiguity of his competence with courtship, and the diction of how he…show more content…
Krebs begins to feel disconnected from his hometown because of the differences. From the implied meanings in the story we, can not only see but prove this change. The symbolism of his family constantly reminding him of the contrasting values. His difficulty and discovery in courting women. His inability to explain his lack of faith. These all display his change in values, and show us the implicit meaning of the story. Which is that Krebs is disconnected from his community because of his change in
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