Literary Devices In The Knight

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The overall structural poem up takes a serious and satirical tone, where it consistently uses an analogic comparison to mock and criticize the way our society works. This poem is organized and structured into five stanzas with four lines each, differentiating each stanza from one other. Some stanzas differentiate themselves by having different alignment, showing each side of the situation and highlighting the differences between each other. Stanzas showed at the right side of the alignment depicts the situation of the knight, and how he is treated for his fame and reputation, however, stanzas showed at the left side of the alignments instead depicts the other side of the story, where the peasant works diligently and only receives minimal payments.…show more content…
The usage of imagery is used bit by bit throughout the poem, such as the words “bill of taxes”, “Cheap Liquor”, “sack of cash” and “Luxurious Liquor” where it made the readers feel the contrast of the atmosphere or situation between the peasant and the knight end up at. The poem also ends with a line that provides an imagery feel, “The aches and twinges go fully overshadowed, by the powerful valor, of the knight’s arrow” gives off the descriptions of a hot and burning arrow (valor) that kills off the efforts of the peasant. The author even uses enjambment to emphasise the sentence “of the knight’s arrow”, which tells us that the reason of why the peasant is in sorrow is due to the “the knight’s arrow”. Repetition and motif was also used in this poem, the line “The peasant works from day till night, His back aches and twinges from a full day of might” was repeated in the first and the last stanza, highlighting and reminding the readers of the pain and suffering the peasant is experiencing, and proving the significance of the peasant’s feeling. Lastly, the major literary device used throughout the poem is symbolism and analogy. The whole poem could be considered as an analogy, as it compares the peasant and the knight with the hard-workers and talents lives to highlight how similar they are in real life. Symbolism also helps with this comparison, symbolising arrow as pride, valor as rage,
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