Literary Devices In The Little Red Riding Hood

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Introduction: The Little Red Riding Hood book, which was both written and illustrated by Andrea Petrlik, is suitable for 5-6 years old. The book 's genre is classic fairy tale and it is suitable for 5-6 years old because of its colourful board book. The author, Andrea Petrlik has written many books with her own illustration and her own story ending making it more suitable for younger children. The board book also makes it easier for the 5-6 years old children to flip the pages. Literary Elements: The plot of the story is very fast-paced and very simple making it to help the children to intellectually understand the story better. The author starts the story with a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who went to visit her grandmother who lived…show more content…
She was very shocked about the differences in the facial features of her grandmother. She went to ask her grandmother but was shocked when the wolf jumped out of the bed to eat her up. She screamed and hit the wolf as hard as she could, making the wolf to burp and let out her grandmother. The story ended with the wolf promising to never eat anyone. Also, the fast-paced story will engage the reader to an emotional level especially with the emotions of surprise and constant fear. The setting of the story takes place in the woods where a lot of trees can be found and it happened once upon a time. One main underlying theme that the author uses is to always be suspicious of anything that appears different than it should. This can be seen when the grandmother suddenly has sharp teeth and furry ears instead of a human traits. Additionally, the author illustrates the character such that they have very simple and clear traits. The characters in the story are grandmother, the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood herself. The wolf has the clearest traits where it is very evil with sharp teeth, furry ears, black eyes and clawed fingers. For Little Red Riding Hood, she got her name due to her red cloak and dress, which are all in red colour. For grandmother,
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