Literary Devices In The Masque Of The Red Death

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Literary Devices are what makes the story vivid for the reader, for example, mood, plot, allusion, imagery and point of view. The importance of literary devices, what stories consist of without literary devices and how people interpret the literary devices within the story, are the most important factor of a story. Literary Devices/ Terms have been around for centuries back in order to help the authors get messages across or simply make the story a powerful outcome in the reader’s eyes. The best 10 authors in English literature got back till about the 1600. A very important and famous author that both readers and authors look up to is William Shakespeare. He is known to be one of the best writers in English literary history for his way of…show more content…
This main character of this story was a prince, Prospero. The prince was known to be selfish and careless about other people. There was a plague going around in the country where he lived and he was trying to stay away from it. The plague was known as “Red Death” and it was very dangerous. His choice was to isolate himself and some other companions from the world that was going on outside of his castle. A while after the plague, he decided to throw a masquerade ball in his castle. When the night of the ball came around , it was a full house, many people attended this luxurious ball. There was an individual who was unknown to all of the guests, he/she was dressed as a corpse that had died by the plague. The mysterious person got close to the prince and a couple of moments later he fell to the ground dead. After that incident happened with the prince many of the guests were left frightened and did not know what to do. A few of the guests got close to the mysterious person but they didn’t find anything. It turned out that there was nobody underneath that costume. Slowly after some moments, the guests started slowly dying one by one, just as the plague had killed people before. There was nobody left in that castle, and it remained that way for a long…show more content…
Mood is what stimulates a certain mood in the story. Plot is what describes the events and(or) main events of the story. Allusion is when the author is trying to give the reader an idea of something or someone without mentioning it (being indirect). Imagery is the use of figurative language to represent objects, actions or ideas. Lastly, point of view is what the characters are feeling or thinking. The reason why these literary devices are important is because when they come together they allow the story to make more sense. The importance of literary devices that the author implemented in this story allows it to be different from the second story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, in fact, it makes it different from many other stories. This story needs the amount of literary the the author used for it, especially the point of view. In this story there are two points of view being used. The story starts as third person(uninvolved) then it shifts to first person point of view. The point of view in the beginning bring out a mysterious vibe within the story and when it changes into first person, it clarifies the

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