Literary Devices In The Raven By Edgar Alan Poe

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“The Raven” is written by the famous Edgar Alan Poe. Poe is an America writer and editor. He is famous for all of Poe 's tales and poems that have a theme of horror and mystery. His work “The Raven” is one of the best poems known in the national literature. In fact, it is the most famous among Poe’s work and notable for its melodic and dramatic qualities. The name “The Raven” was also used as a football team’s name. “The Raven” is a ballad. Ballad means the nightmarish narrative of a young man who is bereaved by the death of the woman that he loves. It consists of eighteen six-line stanzas with a decidedly emphatic meter and rhymes The story of “The Raven” is all about the man who is mourning because of the death of his love. He encounters the raven and answers all of his questions by saying “Nevermore”. Nevermore is an example of repletion. It is a literary device wherein it repeats the same words or even phrases many times to emphasize the idea. A literary device plays a significant role in the literature and poetry. It is used by the writers or poet to help the readers understand the story. Additionally, it also helps the reader to solve the mystery. Without the literary device, the story might be dull and less interesting in the end. A literature or poetry that has no literary device would be boring for the readers. In the poem, Poe uses the words nevermore and nothing more in order to establish a melancholy tone to the poem. Both words have a negative connotation.
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