Literary Devices In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston there was multitude of events that had occurred. As these events had all occurred there were all relevant to the main character’s quest to find happiness and her want to be respected. The main character, Janie, in this book has been shown to make decisions that had affected her both positively and negatively. All her actions and decisions as well as the course of the events of the book all are correlated to a central idea. That central idea is that in order to be happy and independent you must make your own wise choices. Janie finds this out the hard way multiple times throughout the course of the book. In order for this to be imminent in the book, the author uses a variety of…show more content…
Janie is characterized as a strong, self-sufficient, and independent. But, she was introduced to the book as all these things, but the author shows how she had developed into someone with these qualities throughout the course of the rest of the book beginning with flashback. At the beginning of the flashback, she was portrayed to be naïve and she had allowed Nanny to set her up with Logan Killicks whom she soon found out that she hadn’t really seemed to love. It was then when she had realized that her ideals had differed from those of her grandmother’s. Her grandmother believed that a huband should be wealthy and able to provide for the wife, but Janie believed there had to be a sense of mutual love between both partners in a relationship. It was at this point when she had started seeing Jody, for whom she had felt love. However, as the years went by, Jody had repeatedly suppressed Janie’s true self, although unknowingly. Due to this, Janie had bottled up her feelings of resentment despite Jody even lashing out at her on several occasions. She had kept those emotions pent up inside her not because she was scared of Jody but as a sign of strength to be able to persevere under such circumstances. The situation had worsened between them as years went by, and Jody had even passed away due to an illness. After Jody passed, Janie hadn’t really felt any feelings of remorse for him, because the relation between them had worsened. At this point, she felt a true feeling of independence. These were a couple of examples of how she was
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