Literary Devices In Waxen Wings

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Waxen Wings is a story that talks about a main character named Birdie. Birdie’s life is not the ideal life, and it seems like she has failed at everything she has ever tried. This story really makes the reader feel bad for Birdie, and she is seen as the victim of the story. The tests that she goes through are things that would make most people give up, but she does not give up. That fact alone makes this story somewhat inspirational.
This story really does seem like a tragedy because of all the things that go wrong in her life. It makes the reader feel the emotions that the main character is supposed to be feeling. This is why the story does not tell how Birdie is feeling when these things happen to her. I feel bad for Birdie, and it is hard to believe that some people take this story as anything other than a tragedy. Even as a child, she had troubles such as developing later than the rest of the girls and her gymnastics coach jabbing her with a stick to get her splits flat. Once she is finally good at something, uneven bars, she messes up at a competition. This humiliates her because she is not the representative, which is what she wanted so badly. Then as she gets older, she grows and can no
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There are many in here, but I think my favorite is her name. The name “Birdie” alone can be two different types of literary devices. The first is imagery. This is a possible option because all she wants to do is fly. Birds fly, so it shows a direct comparison of Birdie to an actual bird. Her name can also be used as irony. She wants to fly, and birds fly. When Birdie tries to fly, she fails. In the beginning she is successful because she is so tiny that she can stay in the air longer than most of the children. Once she falls in her competition, it is pretty much over for her. She can no longer stay in the air for gymnastics. When she gets a hang glider, she falls and has to have her leg
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