Literary Devices Used In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night In the darkness of night, it’s hard to know what happens in the shadows without light leading the way. In the novel Night, the author ,Elie Wiesel, uses literary devices to show the “light” that leads a young boy through the holocaust. Using devices such as setting, irony, symbols, and point of view help us understand the background, what he thinks is happening vs. what know is happening, and how he sees things that help us realize the twist on words that the narrator uses to direct problems into someone else’s path. The author uses the setting to show us time and place that this story takes place and how it uses a role in this novel. The time period is during the World War II era ,1941-1945, which lets us know that the dictator…show more content…
Looking through the speaker’s eyes in this depressing time and his view of his story we get to see how his faith and his mind set mentally and physically changed him and his aspect of his life from now on. “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me,” shows the changes the speaker went through in troubling times and how he changed his future through this change. Watching his father die right in front of him is something a young boy should never have to go through even if he was older. This was the last string in him losing his faith when he should be leaning more on his faith considering looking over all of this he had it better than most inmates that were thrown in the crematoria or put into gas chambers or were worked to death. Him not knowing this allows him to believe that this is God’s unfairness to him. Surviving on his own seems to be a big relief considering he doesn’t has to look after his father and he gets to keep his own rations for himself and not share with his father. Point of view, irony, setting, and symbols all pull this story together to show depressing times that should never happen to any race no matter what the crime. Light is needed when lost in the darkness of night. One that doesn’t have “light” can get lost and never find themselves a right path which can lead to more troubles than what should have
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