Literary Devices Used In Of Mice And Men

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Literary devices used in Of Mice and Men include, foreshadowing, motif, and symbolism. The novel includes foreshadowing when George talks to Slim about how Lennie got them kicked out of Weed, it is foreshadowing for when Lennie inevitably will mess something up. This effects the story because it leads to Lennie makes a huge mistake by killing Curley’s wife, which leads to George killing Lennie. The book shows motif because there is Recurring events of violence are shown throughout the story, to form a motif. The impact this has on the story is Influential because Curley fought Lennie, Carlson killed Candy’s dog, and George kills Lennie. Clearly, Steinbeck made the main events of the story all related to violence. Lastly, the brush by the river

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