Literary Devices Used In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Language Analysis The Odyssey is an epic poem that makes the use of literary devices to create an impact on the reader and shape the meaning of the passage. Homer uses a variety of literary devices such as sentence structure, imagery, and elaboration of detail to shape the meaning of the passage by creating emphasis, foreshadow, tone and to impact the reader by building suspense, intensifying impressions, and aiding his/her comprehension of the passage. The scene in which Odysseus kills Antinoos contains sentence structure which highlights important points, creates tone, and suspense. Homer explains, “...the cup was in his [Antinoos’] fingers: the wine was even at his lips: and did he dream of death? How could he?...who would imagine a single foe...could dare bring death’s pain on him and darkness to his eyes?” (409).…show more content…
The questions make it seem as if Antinoos shouldn’t be dreadful of Odysseus because he has a large group of men on his side—unlike Odysseus—and it will be easy to defeat him. The point made by these questions brings an important element to the passage that was previously seen on the book. Odysseus is insecure about being able to fight all the suitors since he doesn’t have such a large group on his side. This sentence structure gives a tone of uncertainty to the passage, and it builds suspense because it suggests that something unexpected is about to
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