Literary Devices Used In The Sixth Sense

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The Sixth Sense The Sixth Sense is a movie that tells a great ghostly story navigated by literary devices used throughout the movie. Foreshadowing and symbolism are the main literary devices used in The Sixth Sense . These two literary devices are what put an affect on the story. This movie includes abounding scenes of foreshadowing and symbolism, with the obvious use of the color red, as well as other uses of literary devices. In the first scene of the movie it shows a great example of where the foreshadowing first starts, Malcolm comes home from some type of party for work and is celebrating with his wife. As they go upstairs they notice that things are broke and there is a man in their bathroom who is naked. The man's name is Vincent, he was Malcolm's former patient. Malcolm gets shot in his room by a man who used to be his patient (Vincent). The scene cuts out precipitously and the movie continues to the next fall, where Malcolm is going to meet his new patient Cole. The beginning doesn’t seem to have any relation to the rest of the movie, this leaves viewers confused contemplating the resolution of the situation. Malcolm and his wife do not get along…show more content…
He talked about how the color red was used like, Malcolm trying to use the door handle and couldn’t open it. He talked about how foreshadowing was used, like how he was wearing the same clothes he was killed in. The director also talked about how it always got cold when a ghost came around. I personally didn’t think the foreshadowing and symbolism were too obvious, there was the perfect amount of foreshadowing. There wasn’t enough to give away the plot twist but enough so that it made sense when viewers finally realized what was happening.The plot twist is very clever and difficult to predict, but the foreshadowing and symbolism is apparent once you have realized the
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