Literary Elements In The Great Gatsby

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Literary Elements Analytical Essay F. Scott Fitzgerald presents multiple themes in his novel, The Great Gatsby. One theme is how people have to show off to get a good social ranking. This theme is introduced throughout this book by his description of each character, by their actions and the way they are perceived. He uses an assortment of literary terms to describe the differences in the type of houses, amount of money, and abundance of materialistic goods. How the characters are described shows their intelligence on class. His descriptions utilize literary elements, demonstrates how characters are fake, family background gains popularity, and characters are selfish. The Great Gatsby is full of similes. An example when Nick tells us, “…while his station wagon scampered like a brisk yellow bug to meet all trains” (Fitzgerald 39). This quote infers that Gatsby pretends to care while going around and greeting people. He wants to get around to everyone so that people will look upon him as popular and sophisticated. Another continual literary element is a metaphor. Metaphors in this novel are used to bring a deeper meaning out, behind simple sentences. A metaphor that involves selfishness is when Nick infers to the reader that, “…at any moment the invisible cloak of his uniform might slip from his…show more content…
Nick didn’t believe him at first, because Gatsby said it like he was lying. But then Nick sees a picture of Gatsby at Oxford with his friends. Gatsby lies because his real family is very poor. This quote refers to how if you were related to someone everyone knew; you would be looked upon as “important.” Oxford is a collegiate university in Oxford, England. If you went to Oxford you automatically were given respect. Some characters in The Great Gatsby were rich because of their family, basically a mentor for those who weren’t as
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