Literary Elements In The Road

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The outcomes of catastrophic events occurring and resulting in a destroyed society afterwards, creates a dystopian novel in which the protagonist struggles to survive, predominantly depicted in The Road by Cormac McCarthy. McCarthy eloquently writes his novel about how a father, the protagonist, and his son leave for more thermal areas during the upcoming winter, following the path of a road and struggling to survive the stark environment. McCarthy also presents many literary elements throughout the work of fiction and how the elements portrayed are crucial to how the story is told to the reader. The literary elements exemplified by McCarthy are the characterization of the father, the setting of the events, and the pieces of symbolism. These resembled throughout the novel have a strong effect on one another as well as having an impact on the reader, the story itself, and other literary elements presented. McCarthy’s use of characterization significantly impacts many elements within the novel, the characterization of the father being most notable. With the clever use of indirect characterization,…show more content…
Without these elements, there would not be a story to tell, for literary elements are crucial to the creation of a story. Having well developed characters, descriptive settings, and prominent symbols within the novel as well as other elements, gives a story meaning and is also the foundation of writing a story. McCarthy has provided an example of incorporating many literary elements in his story, showing how it has made his story well developed, keeping the story interesting and the reader interested. The most significant impact of the strong use of literary elements in this work of literature is showing how essential it is for a well developed
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