Literary Film: A Simple Life

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I. Introduction
A Simple Life, is a literary film, directed by Ann Hui and released on the 68th Venice Film Festival. Its actress, Deanie Ip, won the Volpi Cup - Best Actress and Ann Hui had the nomination of the Golden Lion of the big event. Besides, this film made a huge box office receipts about 17.5 million dollars. Its humanistic value had been highly appreciated by SINGIS Award (Special mention) and La Navicella Award.
1. Director: Ann Hui
Ann Hui is a famous female director in Hong Kong for literary film and her consistent chasing for the thinking of life and the society- the living environment. A well-known film critic, Luo Ka, said that an important topic in Ann Hui’s all work is the suffering of being forcing to wander from place to place. Her early experience makes her sensitive and anxious. Hong Kong is the place witnessing Ann Hui’s growing process, at the meanwhile, she also saw it changing form a traditional society to a civil society. So she uses her unique experience and insights to reflect the reality in her movies, showing the eastern abiding real beauty during the blending of eastern and western culture. About The Simple Life, she talked that because she was getting old and worried about being lonely and poor like other old people, she want to discover the fact and thinking about the meaning.
2. Movie: A Simple Life
The Movie is talking about the impressive relationship between the old maidservant, Taojie, who has been serving the Liang’s family about 60

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