Literary Hero In The Iliad

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Every literary piece has an evident hero who seems to be the center of the piece. The story revolves around them, as well as the choices that they choose to make throughout the course of the piece. The hero faces many challenges along their journey and interacts with countless characters, including the shadow. The shadow is the main villain in a story, and challenges the role of the hero, often tempting the hero to abandon their mission, and go back to their average life. This is the point in the story, when the hero is forced to reflect upon their own self-identity, and realize what they value the most. The literary hero in a story is one who is admired by others and values selflessness, over any other quality or characteristic. They are able…show more content…
The epic The Iliad, the graphic novel Ms.Marvel Vol 1, and the film Spirited Away repeatedly prove this through various examples.
A literary hero needs to be able to not only think about the needs and desires of those that they love but also make the right decisions with intent to help others around them. In Ms. Marvel, Kamala’s parents tell her that she is grounded, and when Kamala is looking for a costume to disguise herself in, her mom reminds her again. However, even after the reminder, Kamala still goes to help save her friend’s brother, Vick, from the Inventor. Kamala was willing to disobey her parents in order to help him (Wilson. 78). QUOTE! In The Iliad, Patroclus “pleaded,/ lost in his own great innocence” to be let onto the battlefield in Achilles’ armor (Homer 16. 53- 54). He doesn’t think
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A literary hero is willing to face missions that test their personal challenges if it means that they are protecting others from facing their own challenges. Chihiro, in Spirited Away, is a great example of this, as she was willing to clean the stink spirit if it meant that others didn’t have to take the challenge. She doesn’t argue with Yu Baba when she is assigned the task, and simply responds with “Please come this way” (Spirited Away). She bravely faces the challenge, even though it is something that she doesn’t want to do, and despite that, she performed the task to the best of her ability. Even though Chihiro is a mere 10-year-old kid, she showcases courage that many adults in the BadHouse didn’t have. Kamala, too, in Ms. Marvel is brave when she enters the Inventor’s house, and tells Doyle that “he has no right to keep [Vick] locked up in a basement” (Wilson. 90). During that scene, it is evident that she was terrified since, at the moment, she herself didn’t believe in her own abilities. She still acts fearlessly, however, since she knew that if she wasn’t going to take the task of saving Vick, then Bruno or even his parents would have had to. By her bravery, Doyle too gets taken aback and accidently slips an opportunity for Kamala to get Vick. Both Chihiro and Kamala are courageous and are willing to venture into an unknown and disliked area to protect those in need. (ADD A THIRD EXAMPLE??? VERY
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