Literary Influence On Victorian Literature

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The Victorian era 's literary influence has played a major role on its predecessors; whether it has to do with millennials ' mindsets or even modern literature itself, the Victorian period 's narrow-mindedness, refined tastes, and seemingly narcissistic perception of oneself, although not agreeable nowadays, should be recognized as one of the most important moments for English literature and should be looked back on for further understanding of how it affected today 's modern culture and society. The Victorian period begins with Queen Victoria 's ascension to power, in the year 1837, and ends in 1901, with the queen 's death. People may describe it as a time of prosperity, old-fashioned, where the people, the nation itself, were self-confident in their own capabilities and political strength. Additionally, the middle-classes were increasing in numbers, therefore many aspired for nobility rankings. For this reason, there was much abundance, but societal inequity as well. In fact, this period 's entertainment was based on social class. For instance, Victorian literature was varied in characters and plot events, lengthy, realistic, and relatable to what the urban lifestyle was like to all classes. Social standards to what was considered to be moral and upright in that time were portrayed in various works, such as behaviors and stereotypical conducts for men and women alike. Not to mention, religion was another predominant theme that influenced Victorian literature, for topics

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