Literary Influences In The Tell Tale Heart

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Edgar Allan Poe is a famous writer who has gone through multiple devastating and disastrous times throughout his life. He has had a terrible experience throughout his years of living, and he has never experienced it with his true parents or family. Poe was an innocent man who only wanted to a famous writer like many others because of his stories, poems, and written figures. After years of practice, Poe published more stories including the “Tell Tale Heart.” It included images of blood, death, and creepy descriptions of the characters. Over Edgar’s life, he was influenced with multiple things which affected many of his reads like “Tell Tale Heart,” such as the memories of blood from women’s tuberculosis, the rejection of men’s company towards…show more content…
Since Edgar was born, he has been rejected by many men he knew. Edgar’s original father left the family before Edgar was born due to “disappointment,” his step-father, John Allan, hated Edgar as his adopted son, and even men who judged his poems and stories disapproved publishing Edgar’s works. Throughout Edgar’s life, this was another of the large impacts in his literary creations. In the “Tell Tale Heart,” it incorporates how the narrator loves an old man, but obsessively wanting him gone due to his frightening eye. Edgar wanted to get along with other men, but never respected them because of their attitude towards Edgar. Because of the events Edgar had to go through each year, he always wrote stories including obsessive people with a weird…show more content…
Edgar’s mother, Eliza Poe, Edgar’s step-mother, Francis Allan, Edgar’s schoolfriend’s mother, and Edgar’s wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, all died from tuberculosis. He was preoccupied with all of these women, using his memories of them in his compositions. Edgar made the narrator of the “Tell Tale Heart” obsessed with the old man’s eerie eye. The narrator described how he did “love the old man,” but just thinking of his unusual eye sent a chill down his back. The depressing events of death and women passing away caused Edgar to write all of his pieces to have the mood of dark demise. Edgar’s works did include peaceful scenes, love, or women, but it always included death, evil, or a mysterious
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