Literary Philosophies In The Crucible

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Many United States philosophies still linger around in today’s society. Puritanism is the thought that God was right and you needed to follow God on everything. The Deists thought that God is good, but one should go to nature to search for answers. The Transcendentalists believed that you can go to nature and search for answers if that is what you desire and need to do. Throughout, the major literary philosophies in the United States, one can see how people's, views on God slowly diminished. First of all, Puritans believed fully in God that he is always right, you must always believe in God and God chooses who the select few are who go to heaven. Arthur Miller wrote the tragedy, The Crucible, during the 1960’s while trying to depict…show more content…
In Patrick Henry’s, speech, “Speech to the Virginia Convention”, Henry exploits the reasons why the state of Virginia needs to take action and take arms against Britain. Henry pleads for peace and “if [they] are [not] weak, if [they] make use of the means which the god of nature hath placed in [their] power”(Henry 122-4). Henry states that the god of nature would help them only if they believe fully in him. This connects into the Deistic way of life because they thought that one should go to nature and believe in the god of nature and then you will find the answers that God has for you. Next, in Thomas Jefferson’s autobiography, “Autobiography of the Declaration of Independence”, Jefferson writes a draft which eventually moves into the introduction of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson depicts that"...all men are created equal; they are endowed by their creator with inherent and inalienable rights... that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men..."(Jefferson 141). Jefferson explains that is up to one's self to take upon themselves their affairs. In addition, Jefferson is connecting this to the Deist belief that God created all men. Lastly, Jefferson and Henry connected their religious beliefs to how they let up on such a strong belief in God such as the Deists
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