Literary Similarities Between Marlowe And Shakespeare

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2.2 Alex Jack’s list of literary similarities between Marlowe and Shakespeare: Numerous readers, critics and biographers have pointed out similarities between Marlowe and Shakespeare’s poems and plays. The following data will reveal the similarities and influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare. 1.LITERARY INFLUENCE: It has been collectively acknowledged that there is great influence of Marlowe on Shakespeare. In seven plays of Shakespeare there is clear influence of Marlowe and in eleven other plays we find some traces of influence. It is a great mystery in literary history to know the actual relationship of both great writers. It has been said that Shakespeare received guidance from Marlowe. Marlowe showed him right path. Critic Algernon Swinburne says Marlowe is one of the best discoverers, he is the pioneer in our poetic literature. There is no real blank verse and tragedy in our language before Marlowe. He made a direct way for Shakespeare. Marlowe’s mighty line has brought a revolution on Elizabethan stage. Marlowe’s famous works in blank verse are Tamburlaine, Dr. Faust’s, Edward II, The Jew of Malta, Dido Queen of Carthage and The Massacre at Paris. On the basis of writing style, half of Shakespeare’s works have been credited to Marlowe in whole or in part by those critics who have accepted Marlowe’s death in 1593. Alexander Dyce, a founder of the Shakespeare society in London, observes that there is strong doubt that Henry VI, parts 1, 11 and 111 are contributed by

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