Salt Water Electrolysis Essay

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Electrolysis of salt water
My first summary

This is the heading of my first literary article. what occurs during electrolysis is that an ionic compound dissolves in an appropriate solvent to create a solution that have ions in it, an electrical current is applied between a cathode electrode and anode electrode. Each of the ions attract an opposite charge from each other, which means that the cathode attracts the anodes. The energy that is needed for the electrodes to combine is provided by an electrical power supply. It states that water is made up of two pure substances which are hydrogen and oxygen. This means it is a pure, free of salts solution which makes it a poor conductor of electricity. By adding table salt to the distilled solution
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The reason electricity can pass through the solvent is because of the charges movement in the water which allows water to flow through it. Distilled water on the other hand has no impurities therefore no ions, the remains are neutral molecules that have no charge which means that there’s no movement, which means no currents can pass…show more content…
This is because the ions, both positive and negative are bonded very firmly which makes it hard for there to be any movement to take place. This prevent from any electrical current to flow through.
This problem can be resolved because not only can they conduct electricity when dissolved into each other to being able to conduct electricity when they are melted. The solid ions are packed tightly together and crystallized, once the crystallized wall break by either melting or coming into contact with water. Now that the wall is done the molecules can move more freely and when in liquid form this movement could become an electrical charge.
The conclusion is that you can only have an electric charge when solid ionic compound has either melted with a liquid or boiled with a

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