Literary Techniques In Demi Lovato's Song Confident

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In Demi Lovato’s song, “Confident” she is trying to say that she won’t let anyone bring her down and that she will be more confident in herself despite what other people say about her. She says that just because people talk about her doesn’t mean she’ll listen to them and change herself just for their own liking. In the song, it says, “what’s wrong with being confident?” and I think it means that being confident about yourself is more important than what other people say about you. The song also says “But it’s all about me tonight.” and I think she is trying to say that she is the person who will rise up and take control of her own life instead of letting someone telling her what she is. The theme of the song, being strong and never giving up. She supports this with five literary devices. Firstly, she says, “I used to hold my freak back.” which is a hyperbole. It emphasizes how much energy she has been holding back. Secondly, the lyrics are, “Cause this is my ground” and it is a metaphor because she is comparing the ground to what she possesses and that is her confidence. Another literary device is “That I must be out of my mind.” Both me and my group decided that this was a hyperbole because she is exaggerating how crazy she might…show more content…
If you don’t be brave and protect yourself from other people, no one else will. Trying to hold back while someone else is taunting you can be petrifying. The lyric “It’s time for me to take it” it best tells the listener what her song is about because it means that it’s time for her to take control and be more self-assuring of herself to let others know that she isn’t weak and that she won’t hide her true self from those who don’t accept her for being herself. Letting someone else define who you are is not how you should really be. Be the person you want to be and let others envy you for being a confident girl or
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