Literary Techniques In The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man written by H.G Wells revolves around a scientist named Griffin who accidentally stumbles upon a way to make a person invisible for however long it lasts. Griffin, the invisible man, first appears as a mysterious stranger, bandaged and seeking shelter but progressively transforms into a careless being with a mission to create a reign of terror. Griffin gradually loses his mind and enjoys the power that he has being invisible. Later on in the story, power overcomes the best of him. Numerous literary devices such as the theme of invisibility, the dog as a symbol, and blinds to represent a motif are important to the literary structure of the novel. In The Invisible Man, Griffin discovers the invisibility because of a science…show more content…
A dog symbolizes a person who knows what the truth may be even when it completely goes against the knowledge of the body. This can also be known as a truth-sayer. Dogs can detect things that humans cannot. Wells shows numerous examples of dogs reacting to the presence of the Invisible Man. In Chapter three, Fearenside 's dog "began to bristle and growl savagely" as soon as it zoomed in on Griffin. Secondly, In Chapter fifteen, a dog yelps and runs under a gate when Griffin passes by as he flees Iping. H.G. Wells thoroughly provides a scientific-sounding rationale: "I had never realised it before, but the nose is to the mind of a dog what the eye is to the mind of a seeing man" (Wells 118). The eyes are often called the gateway to a ones soul. It can also be the way to access the truth of ones personality. Dogs can detect the truth even if no real explanation may be portrayed. In chapter fourteen, the readers are introduced to the mariner. In this novel, the mariner uses what may be read, heard, and observed to directly gather the understanding of the entire world. The mariner can be compared to a sailor who uses navigational tools and numerous observations of the natural world to be shown a journey. The invisible man stealing money and filling his bench-mate 's pockets with the cash signifies a clue that later may be concluded by him. No matter how unordinary things may seem with the evidence of the invisible man, the mariner never questions his sanity or has the worries

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