Literary Techniques In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Gilmans use of literary techniques in “The Yellow Wallpaper” help to support her purpose for writing the story. She uses things such as tone, setting, point of view, and symbolism in her writings. Point of view is a major factor in this writing, which is in first person and has access to all of Jane 's thoughts and feelings. Since Jane is isolated and is not accessible to anything on the outside, she takes to writing, and puts her emotions down on paper since her husband will not listen to her. John doesn 't know what 's going on with her and doesn 't know about her journal so is absolutely clueless to what 's going on with her. This is made to make John look like a villain by the end of the story. As more time passes, Jane grows to resent her…show more content…
(Overview Moss and Wilson) Gilman then left her husband and resumed all of her normal activities that she was told not to do. After suffering from depression most of her life, Gilman started to feel somewhat sane again. (Overview Moss and Wilson) Literally every step of Mitchell’s cure was what was making her conditions worse, when she ignored his advice and did the complete opposite, her conditions improved. (Overview Moss and Wilson)

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