Literary Techniques Used In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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“The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe is a poem about a man who is mourning the loss of a character named Lenore. The reader can easily pick up that the mysterious tapping at the man’s chamber is coming from a raven who has suddenly appeared. Poe lays out his poem with the use of several literary devices; such as, different themes along with many uses of symbolism. Through the use of these devices Edgar Allen Poe tastefully writes his poem “The Raven.” Throughout Poe’s poem, the reader can see many diverse uses of symbolism ranging from the raven to the description of the night. As Poe begins to tell of the conversation taking place between the raven and the main character, it becomes very clear what the symbolic meaning of the bird is. Poe makes…show more content…
Another reoccurring theme in the poem is love. The reader can see from the very beginning that this poem is about someone the speaker loved very much. It’s clear that all the man wants is his dear Lenora back, although that is impossible. Knowing this, the reader can infer that Poe struggled with love in his own life, so much so that he took to writing about it. Although he never comes out directly and says that this is a poem about love, the reader can recognize the deeper meaning of his writings. “The Raven” is a poem that focuses on what someone may experience during the loss of a loved one. Throughout Poe’s writing career, he mastered the art of relating his writings to something his readers would have once experienced. The most interesting things about his writing style is that the reader gets to see into Poe’s life through his poems. In this poem, Edgar Allen Poe uses symbolism and several unusual themes to tell the reader a story about someone he once loved that has recently passed away. The reader cannot help but sympathizing with Poe due to the mysterious, yet powerful way he
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