Literary Techniques Used In Philip Larkin's Essay 'Here'

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In his essay “Here,” Philip Larkin uses many literary devices to convey the speaker’s attitude toward the places he describes. Larkin utilizes imagery and strong diction to depict these feelings of both a large city and the isolated beach surrounding it. In the beginning of the passage, the speaker describes a large town that he passes through while on a train. The people in the town intrigue him, but he is not impressed by the inner-city life. His attitude toward the city is displeasure. This can be understood through the imagery used to describe the town. Through this literary device, the speaker describes the elements of the town in great detail, and he makes known what elements he dislikes. The speaker portrays the town as having “grain scattered streets” and “barge crowded water.” These two descriptions are given with a negative tone, and they imply the negative attributes of the city. In…show more content…
He describes the land outside the city as “unnoticed,” “hidden,” “neglected,” and “isolated.” This differs from the crowded city environment that the speaker did not approve of. The author also portrays the “unfenced existence” of the space, such as a bird flying through the sky or a fish swimming through the sea. Lastly, the speaker concludes with repetition of the word “here.” By using this technique, he displays his excitement for the new land around him. In this environment, he is “facing the sun,” happy, open, and free.
In closing, Philip Larkin uses literary techniques to make his point in his passage. He utilizes imagery and strong diction to convey his attitude toward the places he describes. Because of this, it can be understood that the speaker is unsatisfied with the crowded city and the habits of its residents. However, he admires the isolated sea front outside the city. Because of techniques Larkin practices in the passage, his attitude can be easily
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