Literary Terms In English Literature

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In English literature, we have many Literary Terms; and we student have to glad about that people like M.H.Abrams wrote A Glossary of Literary Terms 7TH Edition In English literature we have treasure of literary terms among them this research paper will guide us about Lyrics and Its Chief Exponents in English Literature. First of all we can see that what the main literary terms are in short. Main of Literary Terms of English Literature EPIC DRAMA ODE ELEGY POETRY BALLAD SONNET LYRICS NOVEL NOVELLA SHORT-STORIES POEM Lyrics and its Chief Exponents in English Literature:- Lyric in Literature/ poetry that expressing the writer’s personal feelings and thoughts which has the form and manner of song or relating to such poetry that has a singing voice or having light quality and tone, intended for singing, especially in classical Greece to the accompaniment of the lyre. Having a singing voice of light volume and modest range relating to, being musical drama, especially opera, having a pleasing succession of sounds; melodious. The lyric form is an old as Egypt and examples exist in early Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and other sources. If literature from every culture through the ages were put up with into a single stack, it is likely that the largest number of writings would be these short verse poems. There are three general meanings for Lyrics. A SHORT POEM MUSICAL QUALITY LYRIC AS AN ADJECTIVE LYRIC MOMENT EXPRESS FEELINGS METERS A Short Poem:- A short poem generally
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