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In English literature, we have many Literary Terms; and we student have to glad about that people like M.H.Abrams wrote A Glossary of Literary Terms 7TH Edition In English literature we have treasure of literary terms among them this research paper will guide us about Lyrics and Its Chief Exponents in English Literature. First of all we can see that what the main literary terms are in short.
Main of Literary Terms of English Literature


Lyrics and its Chief Exponents in English Literature:-
Lyric in Literature/ poetry that expressing the writer’s personal feelings and thoughts which has the form and manner of song or relating to such poetry that has a singing voice or having light quality and
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This moment contracts with the flow of events in a narrative poem. Some poems, for examples Beowulf or the Iliad are driven by the interactions of characters within a plotline of specific events occurring in a definite order. In contrast with these narrative poems, non-narrative poems seems to take place outside of time without a clearly established sequence of events are said to take place in the “lyric moments” such poems are often called Lyrical Poems or Lyric Poems.

5. Express Feelings:-
Lyric poetry is a poem used to express feelings. Lyric poems have specific rhyming schemes and are often set to music or a beat. Aristotle, in poetics has mentions lyric poetry along with drama, epic, poetry, dancing, painting and other forms of mimesis. The lyric poem, dating from the romantic era, does have some thematic antecedents in ancient Greek and Roman verse, but the ancient definition was based on metrical criteria, and in archaic and classical Greek culture pre supported live performance accompanied by a stringed instruments.


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