Literary Themes In Pulp Fiction

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Identify the film’s director and year of production. The director of the film was Quentin Tarantino and it was produced was in 1994.
2. The film is divided into 3 vignettes. Who was the protagonist of each story and what actor portrayed these characters? Jules, Vincent, and Butch were the protagonist in the stories. Samuel L. Jackson played Jules, John Travolta played Vincent, and Bruce Willis played Bruce.
3. Identify the focus of this film (pp. 18-26), and explain your choice using specific examples from the film. The focus is on the style, texture, or structure. Films that focus on these things have like the textbook says has a quality that sets them apart from any other films. They have a unique look, feel, rhythm, and tone. My examples would be the way that the film is shot nothing in that time period was quite like it. From the unconventional narrating to the dialogue in the film, it had a unique feel to it.
4. What is the central idea/literary theme of the film? A central idea is stated as a complete sentence; it needs to be more than one word or topic. Justify your theme using at least 2 examples from the film.
In regards to Pulp Fiction, this film shows literary themes of violence, death, and religion. Violence is a major theme in the film and it was needed to guide the story from Jules funny scene with Brett to Marsellus ' rape it was there to provoke thought. That would bring us to the religious aspect. After Jules near-death experience he looks

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