Literary Themes In The Call Of The Wild By Jack London

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Literary Theme Essay In the book The Call of the Wild there was two evident themes. The main theme being love. Love is something all can feel, and most try to hold onto. Love is very important in life, some may say necessary. In the book there are many forms of love, some are very clearly portrayed and some may be harder to recognize. The author Jack London did an exceptional job of writing this story and including the themes as he did within the book. The earliest evidence of the theme love was shown quite quickly into the book. It was one that most may not understand or they may take in a different way. The quote used is,”He saw, once and for all, that he stood no chance against a man with a club. This was his introduction to the reign of a primitive law, and he met the introduction halfway.” Buck is the main character of the story and the book follows his difficult life. Buck is a quite large dog that gets stolen and shipped to the Yukon and becomes a sled pulling dog. He was forced to leave his soft and elegant life in California to become a work animal. The quote takes place when…show more content…
The author Jack London had actually lived through The Gold Rush era in which the book was placed and used first hand knowledge throughout the story. London had been imprisoned and related to Buck in the beginning of the story before Thornton when Buck was struggling being a captive when he had roamed freely among his estate before. Love is something all can feel, and most try to hold onto. And Buck held onto that feeling for John Thornton and Jack London did an exceptional job at portraying this throughout the story by showing evidence of the theme clearly and some of the times the acts were very ambiguous making it harder to tell what he meant. Love is a strong feeling and a great theme to use in a
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