Literary Translations: Translation Or Translation In Literature

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Waheed Shafiah A.SatyaPhaniKumari Literary translation or translation in literature is not a new word. From time immemorial people have retold stories, translated from one language to other language. Without translations we would be caged in a mono-cultural realm, knowing neither our own ancient heritage, nor the heritage of other cultures. We would never think about the ‘Global Village’ which unites all the cultures and traditions of various countries. Literary translations multiply the intellectuality and lead to innovations not only in literature but in several fields also. People would not be able to read Leo Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Karl Marx, Chekov, Maxim Gorky, Ibsen, Chinua Achebe, Rabindranath Tagore, SriSri etc. without translations. We never understand several theories like Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Feminism, Modernism and the philosophies of great thinkers. Since the 1980s, translation as practice and as theory has become central to comparative literature. Regardless of the uniformity suggested by bilingual dictionaries, it is common knowledge that people do not say exactly the same things in different languages. Coming to writers’ point of view it is a challenging task to the translator to interpret the views of the original writer in his/her mother tongue. This paper elucidates the importance of translation studies, various translations from West to East and East to West. This paper not only gives the idea of translation but it also tells

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