Waheed Shafiah: Literary Translation In Literature

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Waheed Shafiah

Literary translation or translation in literature is not a new word. From time immemorial people have retold stories, translated from one language to other language. Without translations we would be caged in a mono-cultural realm, knowing neither our own ancient heritage, nor the heritage of other cultures. We would never think about the ‘Global Village’ which unites all the cultures and traditions of various countries. Literary translations multiply the intellectuality and lead to innovations not only in literature but in several fields also. People would not be able to read Leo Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Karl Marx, Chekov, Maxim Gorky, Ibsen, Chinua Achebe, Rabindranath Tagore, SriSri etc.
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The term ‘translation’ is the neutral term used for all tasks where the meaning of expressions in one language (the ‘source’ language) is turned into the meaning of another (the ‘target’ language), whether the medium is spoken, written, or signed. There are two types of people who have skills in changing one language theme into another language. Interpreters are the people who work with spoken language and translators work with written language usually. Sometimes interpreters or translators may change the original theme according to their interpretation and sometimes they may abridge the original theme because of its vast content or because of lack of time or narrative…show more content…
The writer Sri C.V. Reddy Sastri has crafted his story Madhurima according to Indian, specifically Andhra cultural context. He has taken the significant part of the story ‘colour discrimination’ and altered it to Indian societal setting. Once there is a couple who are affectionate, beautiful and lovely expecting their first child. Husband takes utmost care as his charming wife is going to give him a child. Both husband’s and wife’s families are eagerly waiting for the new-born child because they expect a cute, divine-looking baby from this attractive couple. But to their shock, the wife has given birth to a dark-coloured baby. The baby is in pitch dark colour. Whenever the mother looks at her baby, she is unconscious. The father comes out from the delivery room speechless. He never turns up to see his daughter again. The relatives and grandparents are also stunned after looking this ugly
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