Pride And Prejudice Reflective Essay

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Literary works are often influenced by the times in which they are written in. An example of this is Jane Austen’s classic novel “Pride and Prejudice.” As the composer, Austen used the characters, setting, and plot in her fictional novel to create her own world within the pages of her book. Whilst the storyline was fictitious, the characters and events reflected the attitudes, opinions, values, and character during the society that was depicted. Just like regular people, Austen’s fictional characters reacted and adapted to their society. It is important to remember that not all characters reacted the same. This is shown through the characters of Elizabeth Bennet and her best friend, Charlotte Lucas. Even though Charlotte accepts and conforms to the society, Lizzy was an atypical version of a respected nineteenth century woman. Despite the fact that the story of Pride and Prejudice is not fixated on Charlotte Lucas, she is a long way from being a two-dimensional character. Charlotte was introduced in the novel as a ‘sensible, intelligent young woman, about twenty-seven.” In the novel, when Charlotte chose to wed Collins, she was barely satisfied, and without any expectation men or of marriage, matrimony was the only reliable arrangement for accomplished young women of little fortune, such as herself. Before Mr. Collins was even familiarized in the novel, Charlotte expressed to Lizzy that she believed that 'happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.' This was the usual mindset of most women at the time, as…show more content…
Austen created the characters of Charlotte Lucas and Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice” to show to her readers how differently the society of ninetenth century England affected each of them. Whilst Charlotte married for security, as the typical regency woman would, Elizabeth was courageous and rebelled to expectations of women in the
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