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I will observe students in the Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall study rooms. I will be reviewing student 's work habits, workflow, computer usage, student 's uses of paper, and time spent on activities in testing for evidence that supports my claim of digitally literate students having an academic advantage over digitally illiterate students. My role as the researcher is to gain full comprehension of different student 's work habits on and off the computer. I want to understand the practices of digitally literate students through analysis of their work, studies, and eventually results (grade point average) versus those who prefer to use paper. My role should be to evaluate the efficiency of students working in the study room and observe the methodologies incorporated into their study routines.
Use and knowledge of computer applications, keyboard shortcuts, fluency, typing speed, organization, and various technology efficacies are all aspects of digital literacy that I will observe, analyze, and formulate an opinion on. Outdated computer applications or other computational elements that may be less in terms of performance is something I will also note in my observation. General computer skills, computer intellect, and
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The subject did not show any basic knowledge of keyboard shortcuts. Instead, they generally used the mouse to perform functions, such as, copy and paste or switching internet tabs. I also saw him manually move his cursor to click icons and even to copy and paste, sometimes missing his target. Keyboard shortcuts save enormous amounts of time, especially over periods of years. "It typically takes half as much time to issue a command to a computer application using that command 's keyboard shortcut" (Peres et al., 2004). The time saved not having to move the cursor accumulates over time, however, I did not see him use any keyboard

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