Literature Analysis: Literature Review Of Adidas

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Literature review

Adidas Group, the world’s second largest producer of sporting apparel has had a long and rich legacy of producing some of the highest quality and most technologically innovative sporting equipment particularly footwear. Champion athletes and sports teams trust the three stripes of adidas for helping them to achieve outstanding performance when they need it most. A world leader, adidas commands nearly a quarter (22 %) of the worldwide athletic footwear and apparel market. In the American sporting footwear and apparel market, the largest market for sporting footwear and apparel in the world, adidas holds 22% market share. In the race to be the world leader in sports apparel, adidas trails behind only Nike, which holds a worldwide market share of 33%. Adidas may currently trail behind Nike, but its rich legacy and focus on innovation, in addition to a new guiding strategy that perfectly blends marketing and technology can help adidas sprint ahead of Nike and grab the lead in both the American and emerging markets of Asia and Latin America.
The global footwear industry is evolving a governance structure for CSR activities. Many transnational corporations and international organizations have embraced corporate social responsibility (CSR) to address criticisms of working and environmental conditions at subcontractors ' factories. While CSR 'codes of conduct ' are easy to draft, supplier compliance has been elusive. Even third-party monitoring has proven an

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