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Waitrose is a chain of British grocery stores, which frames the nourishment retail division of Britain 's biggest representative possessed retailer, the John Lewis Partnership. Its head office is situated in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. The fair trade concept is one of the most significant matters turning out presently in the world of coffee, at the moment. As Waitrose has continuously maintained its position of providing the best coffee in UK, the researcher wanted to research how Waitrose has maintained its fair trade position of coffee and achieved success in international business.
2. Literature Review
2.1 Waitrose
Waitrose is a chain of British grocery stores, which frames the nourishment retail division of Britain 's biggest representative
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With Fair trade, ensured coffee maker associations are ensured to get in any event the Fair trade Minimum Price for their coffee, which plans to take care of their expenses of creation and go about as a security net when business sector costs fall beneath a feasible level (Jaffee, 2014). Through their maker associations, farmers likewise get the extra Fair trade Premium to put resources into business or group upgrades and must use no less than 25 for each penny of it to improve profitability and quality, for instance by putting resources into handling offices. In 2012-13, guaranteed coffee agriculturists earned an expected £32 million in Premiums that were put resources into rancher administrations and group…show more content…
It will not be wrong to say that farmers actually rely on fair trade in order to live their daily life.
• What are the ways to promote fair trade?
The purpose of this question is to understand the diverse ways through which fair trade can be promoted.
• How is fair trade used in coffee export?
Fair trade has recently started to become a known factor in the coffee export. The researcher wants to understand this concept in detail and find out why coffee export and fair trade has become a strong link.
• How fair trade helps Waitrose in becoming a successful business in its coffee aspect?
Waitrose has been associated with fair trade for a long time, owing to which it has become successful in its business. The researcher wants to understand how the business of Waitrose became a success after the implementation of fair trade.
4. Method
4.1 Research Approach
Miller,, (2012) arranges research methods into two primary sorts, qualitative and quantitative data collection. The refinement between these two procedures is the information from a qualitative system generally connects with interviews and focus groups, which takes part in descriptive information and a type of state of mind

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