Literature And Literary Characteristics In Literature

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A novel is a fictional write up as per the thoughts of the author to describe the happenings of that particular period. It has no boundaries and much depends on the psychology of the readers. A novel may not have any introduction and can start up with a scenario and goes on its continuation. A novel owns its existence to a man’s interest in other men in the great panorama of human passion and action. The drama and the novel are compounded of the same element but drama the literary elements is bound with facts and logics. A Novel can take any turn as per the wish of the author but it should be sensitive and meaningful to the readers. The novel is a fluid form of art and that enables it to give a fuller and more varied representation of real life and character than any other form of literature. The novel combines the narrations and fantasy, social criticisms and the presentation of the life patterns of the society. The novel has a place in the literature of all nations. Novels of England may not be the same as that of India. It much depends on the environment and socio-culture of the place. The start of the novels can be classified during the eighteenth century. Samuel Richardson was the first English novel writer from England. Later is spread all over the universe. Thomas hardy was dominating in presentation of novels pertaining western culture. He impressed the readers

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