Literature Essay: The Value Of Literature

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Rohan Trivedi Neeraj Prakash English 103- AS (17) 20 March 2018 The Value of Literature Literature is a body of written works, wherein the name is often applied to imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of the authors. Literature is classified according to variety of systems, including language, national origin, history, the period, the genre and the main subject. It represents human expression, we read literature because it is inspiring, and it embrace the incredible ventures. The study of literature is part of cultural heritage which is a very effective way of understanding culture of a particular time, of a particular class or a social group i.e.- Roman literature, Victorian literature and so on. My paper…show more content…
Certain words like ‘grins’ and ‘lies’ add more effect to what the poet is saying. Contrary, these lines apply to every mankind as we all at some point or other wear a mask for various different reason; to escape reality, cover our reality, maybe we are shy, and we think other people will judge us or any other reason. No matter the subject that literature is used in it helps develops the important skill of critical thinking. I always felt that a discussion about a work or a book was a waste of time and I did not realize how helpful they were. Being able to have a discussion about a book requires the student to think about the book in new ways. We had to think about the questions they are being asked and think beyond the surface of the book or Spark notes. For example, in the short Fiction “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor which is Gothic fiction and it revolves around grandmother and the members of her family, this story talks about the morals and authenticity of two main characters: the grandmother and the Misfit, they both stand by their morals which completely contrast with each other. For grandmother, the idea of being moral or being authentic is based on
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