Literature In African Literature

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African literature differs largely from French, Russian and English literature. Africa is a massive continent consisting of fifty one countries which has been subjected to colonial influences by English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch and by numerous other colonizers and invaders. Each of them has left their indelible influences on those parts of Africa which they occupied. Nevertheless, Africa as a country has not lost its rich traditions like the oral literature which has maintained its texture and continues to this present day. This oral literature takes the form of poems, stories, legends, proverbs, riddles, dramas, folktales and songs. Literature written in Africa can be traced back at least to the eighteenth century. These fictions deals with the struggle against colonialism, search for identity and conflicts with tyranny after independence. However, the male dominated publishing industry hadn’t seen fit to publish the works of black women writers and only the male articulation of the black experience had been viewed as worthy of literary expression.
In traditional Africa, women have been an object of constant scorn, degradation and physical torture. In the past, women did not exist as individuals with personalities to defend themselves but rather existed as mere docile, exotic accompaniments to men. Throughout the past, women lacked a voice to articulate their dilemma and views. They accepted their fate without any resistance. Such passive stance results from

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