Literature In Canadian Literature

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Literature reflects life, This was true in the sense that a poet or writer, in composing a literary work, was very often inspired and influenced by some of his her own experiences and social surroundings. Literature begins in the creative possibilities of human language and in the desire of human beings to use their language creatively serious. Literature was a form of human expression but not everything expressed in words. Even when organized and written down counted as literature those writings that were primarily informative technical, scholarly, journalistic would be excluded from the rank of literature by most, though not all, critics certain forms of writing, however were universally regarded forms of writing, however were universally regarded as belonging to literature as an art. Literature may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language, national origin, historical period, genre and subject matter. Canadian literature was the mirror of life and it reflects the society around it along with its part of the Indo- Canadian literature has been strongly influenced by international immigration particularly in recent decades. Indo- Canadian generally have in Canada with regards to the idea of multiculturalism and their position as a diasporic community apparently interface between the two nations was occurring not only politically and economically but also in literature, specifically diasporas narratives that were creative and imaginative

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