Literature Is A Reflection Of Society

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Literature is the reflection of society, is a fact that has been widely acknowledged. Literature reflects the attitude and perception of the society – its virtues and vices. Literature mirrors the vices of the society with a view to make the society realize its mistakes and make amends. Literature portrays human life and action through the agency of some characters who, by their words and deeds convey certain message for the purpose of instruction, information and delight. It is impossible to find a work of literature that excludes the attitudes, morale and values of the society since, every writer is a part and parcel of the society to which he belongs and neither does he write in a vacuum nor does he write for his own pleasure. He is the man endowed with ‘more than usual organic sensibility’, perceives the world in an extraordinary way and shares his perception with his fellow beings. So Literature records the real life events from the society and converts these mundane activities into fiction and presents them to the society as a mirror in which people may look at their own images and make amends wherever necessary. Thus Literature is not only a reflection of the society but also serves a beacon light guiding people to find the right path. In order to understand how literature reflects the society it is necessary to observe the relationship between literature and society. Generally the relationship between literature and society is discussed in the light of
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