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Literature Review Brand and brand choice The brand, in simple words, refers to a name, design, symbol or any feature that differentiates one seller’s product and services from that of other sellers. Most people consume it as a peweful and strategically method and as a perfect differentiator To create a longer-term image in the minds of their customers. According to Phillips (1988), brand as a whole can be termed as “a trademark that conveys a promise”. This aptitude contains figurative and practical features which are connected by the market to a brand. Brand in its totality is “the sum of all marketing mix elements”, (Keller, 2002, p. 20). Kapferer (1997) defines that a brand as a business symbol for any kind of business. It is a sign which…show more content…
Meyer and Kahn (1991) describe that the extensive attention has been paid to understanding the relative influence of the factors which affects the choice of consumers between various substitute brands of products and services that are purchased frequently. Rogers (1995), Tornatzky and Katherine (1982), Mason (1990) and Charlotte (1999) in their studies observed that various factors influence the consumers when they are making a choice among alternate brands. These factors consist of price of the product, risk of the perceivers, triability, compatibility, relative advantage, difficulty, observability and image of the brand. In this research article, the influence of following factors on brand choice has been measured: price, quality, features, family and friends’ recommendations, brand image, innovative features, promotion effectiveness, celebrity endorsement, user friendliness, stylish appearance, post-purchase…show more content…
It can be identified as, most of the part of buying behaviors of customers and purchasing decisions are depended on the price of a product.. It can act as a dominant and, in fact, the most important factor affecting the decision making and purchase process. For the youths, price can be a key factor of attraction. When selecting out of varying intimates brands consumers usually prefer such brands with which they have familiarity. Price of the intimate has been identified as a key factor in the choice of intimate brand, especially most consumers. The product’s price may vary based on economic conditions and perceptions of the consumers. It may affect the brands’ perceived value. Price is used by many of the consumers as an indication of the brands’ quality which is a vital factor in the purchase decision (Nilson, 1998; Kotler and Amstrong, 1989). The price has identified as the amount of money those customers of any product interchange to acquire that particular good or service, or the worth they obtain (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). It is important for a company to retain loyal customers who are willing to pay higher prices for their favorite brand and don’t buy based on lower price (Levy & Weitz, 2012). Wickliffe & Pysarchik (2001) present aspects of any product as features which have an intrinsic influence on the behavior of customer such as price and brand. These two

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