Literature: Literature Review Of Victimization In Schools

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Literature Review Various researches has been conducted on the topic of peer victimization and bullying, however, this research will explore individual, peer, family and school factors that predicts peer victimization. The researcher seeks to prove that these factors are associated with the likelihood of a child being victimized at school and can be addressed to prevent the occurrence of bullying and its short and long term effects on both the victim and the perpetrator. In light of the above, the literature review will place emphasis on three areas: (a) the risk factors associated with being victimized in school, (b) the influence of other relevant factors on the likelihood of being victimized (c) methodology, design and measurement tools that have been used in studies on this topic by researchers Methods for the Literature Review The current chapter consists of a comprehensive literature review on the topic of school bullying, restricted to studies published in the English language but without limits on publication date. Nine databases were included in the search: Criminal Justice Abstracts, Dissertation Abstracts, Proquest, Ebsco Host, Jstor, ProQuest, PsycInfo, Social Science Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, and Sociology (SAGE). The search terms used for each database were "bully" OR "bullying" OR "bullies" OR "bullied" OR "peer harassment" OR "peer victimization". In total, approximately 120 abstracts were reviewed; of these, over 80 documents screened as

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