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2.0: A BRIEF REVIEW OF LITERATURE ON MEDICAL TOURISM: An attempt has been made by the researcher to outline various studies on Medical Tourism and satisfaction of Medical tourists which are as follows: Sheetalba NRana (2015) provided an understanding about the concept of Medical tourism which is the combination of two important service industries which attracts people who seek healthcare services located beyond the geographical territory of their country. The researcher had also revealed that medical tourism is the state of the art; where in private medical care collaborates with the tourism industry to get patients from other countries at highly competitive price when compared to those prevalent in the western countries. The researchers had…show more content…
Anupama Sharma (2013) had highlighted the potential of Medical Tourism industry in India. The researcher had examined the Hospital Accreditation system for Medical Tourism, and had examined the role of Government in promoting infrastructure for Medical Tourism and analyzed the current trend which had increased the flow of Medical tourism. The researcher had analyzed the potential and significance of medical tourism in India, for which the data was gathered by secondary sources which included Books, Magazines, Journals, E-Journals and websites etc. The researcher concluded that India is in an advantageous position to tap the global opportunities in the medical tourism…show more content…
The researchers through survey data had drawn 4755 foreign and Thai outpatients in two private hospitals were used to explore how medical tourism affects human resources. The researchers had examined the trends in the relative prices of caesarean section, appendectomy, hernia repair, and cholecystectomy and knee replacement in five private hospitals. Focus groups and in-depth interviews with hospital managers and key informants from the public and private sectors was conducted for understanding stakeholders’ motivations and practices in connection with these procedures and learn more about medical tourism. It was found that medical tourism generates the equivalent of 0.4 percent of Thailand’s gross domestic product which had exacerbated the shortage of medical staff by luring more workers away from the private and public sectors towards hospitals catering to foreigners, which resulted in rise in costs in private hospitals significantly and possibility of price rise in public hospitals as well. The researchers concluded that Medical tourism in Thailand had negative effects despite of few benefits that could be mitigated by lifting the restrictions on the importation of qualified foreign physicians and by taxing tourists who visit the country solely for the purpose of

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