Literature Review About Self Directed Learning

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW Chapter Overview The primary purpose of this chapter is to review the literature related to self-directed learning, its strategies, models, theories and competencies practices exercised in global as well as in Nepalese context. In the following paragraph I have discuss higher technical students’ competencies through the self-directed learning strategies. At first, I have discussed the competencies and self-directed learning in order to understand it in broad. Secondly, I have taken into account of challenges of competencies and self-directed learning strategies. Thirdly, I have discussed the theoretical review, empirical review, research setting and competencies measurement techniques. Understanding Competencies and Self-Directed Learning Competencies It is necessary to define competencies related concepts to understand 360 degree meaning of competencies. Competency is the central term under which other terms like skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviors are covered. For this study I have stated the cross cutting terms related to competency as follows: Knowledge: it signifies the learners’ domain or subject specific knowledge. Skills: the techniques needed to perform the certain tasks. The skills can be subdivided in soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are those skills which can be easily transfer from one occupation or work to another, while hard skills are task related skills which can’t be transfer other than the same task. Attitude:

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