Literature Review: An Introduction To Social Media Marketing

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We have chosen the topic “social media marketing” because as per the current scenario, social media has taken over the market like a storm. Social media refers to online tools where content, opinions, perspectives, insights and information can be shared. It is also about the relationships and connections between people and organization. Social media is affecting the way individuals communicate with each other. Because of this tremendous growth, companies are trying and figuring out how to utilize social media to reach millions of consumers. Nowadays social media is influencing the way people make decision regarding their purchases.
As we all know that every organization uses new tools to reach its targeted consumer and touch every niche of the market. It has to come up with new and innovative ways to be a crowd puller.
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Over the past 40 years we have experienced a drastic change in how business is conducted and how people respond to it. Introduction of internet, e-commerce and social media technology has a tremendous impact on how business operates now and how it will operate in the near future. As time passes, different businesses have learnt to use new technologies such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Social media marketing has become one of the most loved medium for the youths today, so every business owner wants to know how social media can generate value for their business.
Looking into the history of social media as a marketing tool,
• The bubble of 1995-2002 was a critical event that allowed the internet to become a viable marketing tool. It started with search marketing helping brands to create their website for their online presence.
• Marketers began to realize the potential of web 2.0 sites for creating content marketing. Web 2.0 sites were mainly popular with

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